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Review of ‘Advanced R’ by Hadley Wickham

24 May 2015

Executive summary

Surprisingly good.

And it’s not like my expectations were especially low.


There are 20 chapters.  I mostly like the chapters and their order.

Hadley breaks the 20 chapters into 4 parts.  He’s wrong.  Figure 1 illustrates the correct way to formulate parts.

Figure 1: Chapters and Parts of Advanced R. advanced_R_table_of_contents


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A statistical review of ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman

11 Nov 2013

I failed to find Kahneman’s book in the economics section of the bookshop, so I had to ask where it was.  “Oh, that’s in the psychology section.”  It should have also been in the statistics section.

He states that his collaboration with Amos Tversky started with the question: Are humans good intuitive statisticians?


The wrong brain

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