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Probably the most useful R function I’ve ever written

15 Aug 2016

The function in question is scriptSearch. I’m not much for superlatives — “most” and “best” imply one dimension, but we live in a multi-dimensional world. I’m making an exception.

The statistic I have in mind for this use of “useful” is the waiting time between calls to the function divided by the human time saved by the call.

I wrote a version of this for a company where I do consulting. There are few days working there that I don’t have at least one bout with it. ¬†Using scriptSearch can easily save half an hour compared to what I would have done prior to having the function.

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email address back in action

15 Mar 2013

The email address [email protected] was out of action for a few hours today.¬† It is back now.

Welcome to the Burns Statistics blog

08 Jan 2013

The most likely topics to appear here are:

  • the R language
  • statistics
  • programming in general
  • optimization
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