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Translating between R and SQL: the basics

08 Nov 2013

An introductory comparison of using the two languages.


R was made especially for data analysis and graphics.  SQL was made especially for databases.  They are allies.

The data structure in R that most closely matches a SQL table is a data frame.  The terms rows and columns are used in both. Read more →

R database interfaces

14 Feb 2013

Several packages on CRAN provide (or relate to) interfaces between databases and R.  Here is a summary, mostly in the words of the package descriptions.  Remember that package names are case-sensitive.

The packages that talk about being DBI-compliant are referring to the DBI package (see below in “Other SQL”).


dbConnect: Provides a graphical user interface to connect with databases that use MySQL.

RMySQL: The current version complies with the database interface definition as implemented in the package DBI 0.2-2.

TSMySQL: TSMySQL provides a MySQL interface for TSdbi. Comprehensive examples of all the TS* packages are provided in the vignette Guide.pdf with the TSdata package. Read more →

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