Source for the marketAgent R package

22 May 2016

I recently gave a talk at the R in Finance conference in which I introduced the marketAgent package for R.

Here is the source for the package if you’d like to play with it: marketAgent_0.000.tar

I’ll be giving more details of the talk real soon now.


Update:  The Portfolio Probe website now has a blog post on the conference.  And here are the slides for my talk.

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  1. Marcin Kosinski says:

    Hey, this post have appeared on R-bloggers from which I have learned and experienced nothing. Probably you could improve your post with a link to presentation? Or probably you could provide a link to your package source code on GitHub or could present a simple usage/use case of this package?

    I am a bit disappointed that such `twits` appear on R-bloggers.


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