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The TaoTeProgramming R package

29 Jun 2014

I’d like to do a song of great social and political import.

The code that created the illustrations in Tao Te Programming is now available as the TaoTeProgramming package on CRAN.

The sea is just flat hills

sea51hills5 And they are both just smooth mountains.

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An xts R Inferno-ism

07 Feb 2014

Another of the all ye entering here.


When subscripting an xts object, columns that don’t exist in the object are silently ignored.


First, create an xts object:

xtx <- xts(cbind(a=1:4, b=11:14, c=21:24), order=Sys.Date() + 1:4)

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Bricks not monoliths

06 Feb 2013

Chapter 32 of Tao Te Programming advises you to make bricks instead of monoliths.  Here is an example. The example is written with the syntax of R and is a data analysis, but the principle is valid no matter what language you use or what your task is.


Here is an outline of a function  reminiscent of many novice attempts:

monolith <-
function (data, col="blue", pch=21) 
        # transform data
        # fit model to data
        # plot data, uses 'col' and 'pch'
        # get desired model results
        # return desired model results

Each of these comment lines may be many lines of code so that the whole function runs to pages. Read more →

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